The Nicholas Stewart Project (Community Interest Corporation) was set up by Jennifer Beckford, mother of Nicholas Stewart, after the tragic passing of her son in 2014, a victim of a knife crime.

The aim of the NSP is to support young people, empower them and provide them with a framework to become successful and contributing members of their local communities.

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Our aim is to motivate and empower young people, to help them turn away from negative influences. We also provide for them and act as positive role models for young people.

We believe that through community care and respect, we can help our young people access a positive path, full of opportunities.

We provide resources to young people in Wandsworth and the surrounding areas, by supplying advice and assistance. We organise programmes of physical, educational and other activities, to support families who are affected by violent crimes.

The NSP aims to support young people, empower them and equip them with the tools necessary, to build their confidence to succeed in life.


NSP’s vision is to stop children dying on our streets, and support families to move forwards with hope. We truly believe that supporting young people in their local communities, through events and collaborative activities, could encourage a safer space of integration within society.


We believe in young people. We respect young people. We care for our communities and families. We work in partnership with the community. We believe in the prevention of violence. We want to empower young people and give them a voice.
We work with young people to help them to overcome their challenges.
We fundamentally believe in forgiveness. We want to work collaboratively with like-minded organisations. We want young people to succeed in whatever they choose to do.


NSP’s mission is to prevent violence amongst young people and support families and communities after the tragedy. Our goal is to create a safe space where young people and families are free to express their selves, improving collaboration, listening, understanding and empathy.

NSP Writing Competition

We are happy to announce the winners of the Nicholas Stewart Writing Project competition which concerned the experiences of students at Southfields Academy during lockdown. The articles were published in The Pilgrim magazine (Issue 6, Autumn 2020).

Wandsworth Civic Awards

We are incredibly honoured to receive the 2021 Wandsworth Civic Awards this year, for the contribution we make to our communities.


Further to the latest UK government guidelines in regards to COVID-19, we believed it is the right thing to put necessary measures in place for the safety of our volunteers. Coronavirus is putting unexpected pressure all over the globe, nationwide…


Jennifer Beckford delivers talks and presentations to different communities and institutions, where she covers her experience with her son passing, how she was able to forgive the perpetrator, what the needs to be do moving forward and the Nicholas Stewart Projects plans.


We provide support services for families and individuals that have been affected by knife crime. This has been done by attending meeting alongside with victims, meet ups and discussions.

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