The Trumpet Sounds – Hope To Victory

It is a good thing to take time to pause,  a wonderful feeling and privilege if you ask me – to be able to reflect on the good things… through the uncertainties of life.

This Podcast is through inspiration, my life experiences of my journey, the challenges, how I overcome different obstacles and to encourage you. We are here to let you know – There is HOPE during life turbulence. Whatever is your grief and pain – please know you are not alone. I hope through these messages, you will feel the need to smile again…
As you participate and feel encouraged, please forward to someone who may need some form of comfort and HOPE!

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I believe there is a need to reach out to families, friends, and communities, who have lost loved ones by tragedy. Parents and siblings are most affected from the loss and trauma. I salute you mothers especially; my deepest sympathy and earnest prayers goes out to you. You carried your child from conception until the day he/she passed this world.

As a mother myself who has gone through the loss of two sons and my adopted grandson.
I know how it is to feel lonely, isolated (even sometimes when there are people around me); to feel disappointment, withdrawn, to experience the fear of being judged. I have been through sorrow, grief, the trauma, pain, and anguish and not knowing what’s next….

Grief does not just disappear; the healing process takes time. For me, some days feel brutally hard, some days I wake up and struggle very hard because my physical body and my mental ability is not functioning as normal. I give thanks for the ability to write my thoughts and feelings through inspiration. These writings have been helping me with my healing and helping others. My family and I make it through daily by taking one step at a time, we support each other the best way we can through the difficulties of coping with our loss.

My faith has been a blessing, I cannot help but share- may you find comfort and peace in the precious memories of your loved one!!

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May the good Lord continue to strengthen you as you spread the vision of Christ, your labour will not be in vain my dearest.


Thank you very much sister Jennifer for these wonderful words of encouragement. We all need encouragement as we travel along this straight path of righteousness.


Thank you, this instruction came at a time when I needed it. God blessed you.

This tree was planted in memory of my son Nicholas, August 2015, I have watched it grow over the years; blossom and bloom in its glory. For me, this tree represents life, a reminder that in life struggles there is Hope- even in pain.

Each of these pictures represent – 

Nicholas Stewart Project
Walking in -Peace, Hope, Love