When the Storm is Over – What Next?

This blog relates to the recent surge of stabbings in the capital, as reported by The Sun in this article.

When the storm is over – what next?

We ask ourselves, what is going on? The recent escalation of murders especially among our young people.

Most of us are calling on Government, some people ask- ‘do you think they truly have much time for our young people who are deemed as drug pushers or gangsters’?

Some parents voiced- ‘Let me tell you, their children are safe in their sealed houses, they’ve got their security’.

Some young people says that those in Authorities like Politicians, don’t really care about them! Questions asked – “why is it a family only gets visit from the politicians when someone is killed, why is it the Black Community suffer to get recognised in what they are trying to do, to help youngsters and their families”? Often times I am getting, ‘they don’t really care’ (people who has got the power and authority). Please give me a reason not to believe this!

The complaints across the board is- ‘they shut down youth clubs and other resources that can help young people’….

These recent happenings has become like a storm through the streets of London and a rat race, amongst people to be heard. Almost everyone is coming out of their woodwork.

My question is, after the storm and the calm comes … what’s next?

Who does the follow up, what are the contingency plans for our young people and their community?

As a mother who have lost her son because of someone who the system says is schizophrenia; it frustrates me that some people think they can just patronise us the family who have lost our loved ones by murder.

No one can tell or understand better than the family members. Think again before you put your story in the Media – most common, Social Media;, what you believe or heard may not be the facts. Think hard about what you want to publish, or try to act selfishly for your own gain.

Try to have a good think – what if it was my family, what would I like the public to take into consideration, how to treat me and my family?

This storm will pass and when it is calm, will you be still around for these Communities, will you still have the energy and drive to do the big Campaigns, Forums, other events?

I rest my case …..

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