The Sun Will Certainly Shine Again

Today, 26 April 2018; one of my dear friends messaged me – ‘I would like to accompany you to the pitch where your son was killed’ on the 13th August 2014′.

Following a request to the Wandsworth Council in 2015 and with the help of a Local Councillor at the time; a tree was planted in my son’s memory. It was sheer beauty to see the tree with Cherry flowers, it is the first time it has bloomed – surely the sun will shine again for us as a family!

This morning was a struggle to get out of bed, but when I got the message, I had to get up, it gave me motivation …

I wanted to go by the pitch for some time but could not get the energy to do so.

As we took our journey to the ‘place’ to look at the tree, it started to rain lightly, when we got there it eased. The tree looked so beautiful it lit up my heart and spirit. The word that came to me was ‘life’ – it’s a new life, a new beginning of hope.

Being there was God’s plan. We saw a lady and her dog, after sometime she then came over to us and asked if this was my son, I said yes. You could hear a genuine empathy in her voice. She said she didn’t know my son very well, but he had helped her to carry over a big TV she was struggling with to her home.

That testimony brought out the sunshine in my heart.

This was no coincidence, after chatting for a while she volunteered to give some help to the Nicholas Stewart Project. I didn’t ask and some of the skills she would give as her service as a volunteer was a God send.

I did not know this lady but my son had helped her at some point and my heart was glad.

I felt joy in my heart, thank you Lord, another testimony of good deeds!

I got the energy to accompany my friend to her allotment. I hadn’t drunk a cup of tea that morning and as we were walking she said we could get a cup of tea at the Allotment.

I said thank you Lord as I needed just a simple cup of tea – it’s amazing what God can do!

Reaching the allotment it was raining for a while. The sun came out so beautifully after, so we got out of the shed and had our tea outside overlooking the beautiful patches of vegetables and herbs.

I say – after the rain there comes the sunshine! It will shine again for me … whatever your circumstances today, the Sun will certainly shine again, for you.

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