Trusting Others

We depend on someone at some time or other. We put our trust in some people, sometimes almost putting our integrity on the line – but they fail us!

When systems like the government who should be looking after the welfare of their people fail, in some way or an other and Institutions like schools, the home, church, other faith groups and organisations are failing to protect the welfare of our children and young people; this all stems from making compromises that may be unlawful or lacks integrity and good morals.

God says who he is, it is mankind that distorts biblical principles for their own self will and selfish gains. It is human nature to be deceivers, cheaters, liars etc… But we don’t have to continue this way, God gives everyone a choice – whether to do good or bad.

We all have human instincts that propels us to do what is right, then there’s the other side of us urging us to do wrong, so it becomes a battle in our minds and if you and I choose to do the wrong then it is failure – pure and simple!!

There are consequences we have to live with, thereafter. You have a choice, I have a choice, God is certainly not going to force us. He will remind us and send help to assist us … it could be, on the bus you hear someone speak about the same thing, a song, reading etc.

Never let your trust be entirely dependent on humans because they are prone to fail. Trusting can be very costly and it takes a lot of faith for some people to become trusting.

Trusting others is good, but not putting your whole life in a person, remember they can only do so much!

Women, mothers let us put value to ourselves even when it seems like the odds are against us.

Maintain your integrity and don’t sell yourself short for the glittery things that only make you happy for a while. Trust your gut feelings and never get swayed into what may seems right, pursue virtues, good morals, values and principles. They will help you to make the right decisions.

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