Nicholas’ Birthday Monday 21st January 2019

Today I woke up having this strange feeling, but I also remember that today that my son Nicholas would have been 30 years old.

I thank God today for the time He had loan Nicholas to us.
I bless God because He has being keeping us as a family.

He has given me the will to forgive though hard it may be.
If I hadn’t, I wouldn’t have the peace of mind God has given me!

So today I celebrate life and I am happy to say thank you Lord for another year for my nephew as he celebrates his Day to day. It feels right to acknowledge and celebrate with those who are still here.

Life is too short to become selfish!

As I told my husband that I was going to buy flowers, to put at the site where my son lost his life. He said to me, “what did they say about flowers”? I remembered the quote – ‘don’t scatter roses after I am gone, give them to me while I carry on…’

While we have our love ones here with, let us take time out for each other, to show love and much care!

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