Surround Yourself With Positivity

On the 27th January 2016, I wrote – “I’m not sick but I just don’t have the energy I once had, I just feel drained!

My physical being used to have that vibrancy, it would almost be non-stop activities in my life… I used to have this vibrancy”.

Yet today, 16 April – three years on, I still struggle to get out of bed.

I felt so drained it takes me ages to get our bed, nevermind trying to get ready to get out of the house to my meeting.

That is why I always feel it’s necessary to be around people that can and will enhance my energy.

People who are experiencing trauma, need to have positive people around them. They should be able to hold you by the hand when you’re at your low moments.

I felt better during my meeting because individuals brought passion and energy in the meeting. For me, that helps immensely for what we hope to achieve.

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