Nicholas’s Birthday

The 21st January 2016 would have been my son Nick’s 27th birthday. It was the second since his passing.

For the most part of that morning, I was crying. I felt I missed Nick more than ever. It was strange, as I had not felt like that for quite some time.

My energy level fell, but God kept me … I was comforted by God through His Holy Spirit.

I have to thank God for the young people and adults who sent me messages, visited my home, also visited the site where floral tributes were laid and for cleaning up the Pitch area. This gesture was heartfelt.

I was told the number of young people who came out during the evening, was well over fifty. I was deeply touched by their love!! After 10:00 pm, my husband and I returned to the Pitch area to see. I felt blessed that although my son isn’t around, there is still love in people’s heart to come together to remember him on his birth date.

Families and friends who are bereaved need to know, someone genuinely cares.

They need someone every now and then to show them, even by a text that you’re thinking about them.

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