Peace In Yourself

When you become a victim of losing your loved one because of violent crime, it is hard to forgive.

For me as a mother, I had a battle in my mind but my heart and my faith in God has been helping me tremendously to forgive.

You have to let go of what imprison you in hate and bitterness. If you become bitter and hateful, you might do something terribly wrong.

It is a blessing when one can let go of past hurts, because it heals the soul and give peace of mind.

I have been a victim of Knife Crime and I cannot truly say that having the perpetrator behind bars has healed my wounds.

I harbour no bitterness, I carry no grudge against the young man.

I’m not saying that it has been an easy choice, not at all.

You’re not me and each individual deals with their loss in their own way, never mind when your loved one has been murdered.

It has been very hard, especially because I know my son did not deserve to die that way, he was brutally killed.

He was a softie at heart and bore no grudge to people as far as I’m aware and from testimonies of those those who knew him.

I’m not portraying my son as a saint, not at all, but he was a sweet boy who would not cause trouble to anyone.

Nicholas had his pleasant personalities and charm about him.

Those who knew Nick as I would affectionately call him, was compassionate to others.

If I never knew anything else of my son – he was loving to his family, he loved his friends, they were like family to him.

If I hold bitterness, grudge or malice, then his passing would be in vain, he wasn’t that kind of person anyways.

My faith in God helps me to forgive, with peace in my heart and healing my brokenness.

To families who are hurting because of a tragedy

Please try to find peace in yourself as you continue on the path of healing … the process can be quite slow and challenging.

Don’t give in to darkness of fears of what if, what went wrong.

As hard as it sounds, we can’t determine life’s end … we just have to walk in faith trusting God to help us on this path to recovery!

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