A Prayer For Young People

Dear God, I thank you for who you are,

Dear Lord please remember our young people in a special way. Please remember those who have been offending, those who the enemy has used to do his evils and to take another person’s life.

Dear God, so much evil has taken over some people. But I pray in the name of Jesus Christ your son, that you will send your Divine Holy Spirit into their hearts, to turn from the evils and to do good.

So many of our young people are being misguided, let down by families, friends, institutions, other sources who have mistreated them, abuse them somewhere in life. Today God please let your mercies look down in tender love and touch their hearts for good works.Remember us as adults Lord, to put away the things that may be hinderances  from helping our young people. Help us to lay aside our covetous ways, jealousy, strife, malicious ways one towards another. 

Let us exhibit peace, love, kindness and care towards each other, not just our friends, but also those who may not even like.

Please take charge of every heart Lord, every heart of young people and adults alike.
Please set our young people’s heart to choose the RIGHT WAY way. Help them to have RIGHT THINKING, show them the right path, help them to choose well and to do what is right in your name -thank you God

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