Happy Holidays

I pray that today and beyond, our hearts will be as one in peace, love and unity. 

Greetings families and friends, it’s another year when most families gather together for the festive season.

I pray that today and beyond, our hearts will be as one in peace, love and unity. Let us seek to live in harmony as family and friends.

True relationship is hard to maintain these days but we can try, differences will come so misunderstandings. Let us not take the schisms into the new year but rather pursue peace despite the difficulties even with those who wronged us.

Whilst many families have their loved ones around them enjoying the fellowship, eating, drinking and merrymaking, there are others who are sad, homes that are missing loved ones by different circumstances – that is the REALITY.

There are those people who are homeless, hungry in our society …. and I’m still trying to understand this Knife Crime, as it’s still an epidemic in our Society.

Whether we are religious or not, please take time out today to pray for those who are grieving whether by Bereavement, hunger, homelessness, loneliness, or sadness of any sort.

God bless you all today as you take time out with your families or friends.

Have a blessed holiday and a prosperous 2020

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