Cry For Help

Some weeks ago, I found myself tossing and turning in my bed, I couldn’t sleep…. another mother and family were mourning.

Hearing the late-night news on, 18/01/2020, three young men in their twenties and thirties had lost their lives because of Knife Crime.

The most recent news – sixteen-year-old boy stabbed and killed in East Croydon train station on Monday 27/01/2020.

More loss of life due to Knife Crime; when will it all end? This is just the beginning of the year 2020!

‘To whom it may concern’…. members of the Armed Forces, politicians, teachers, Local Government, other agencies and organisations that are in charge of Nation’s well-being – do you listen to the cries of families that are suffering because of grief from violence?

For me, it’s very hard not to empathise and feel sorrow for parents and families who have lost their ‘loved ones’ through violent crimes.

I am only here just by the grace of God keeping me and my family.

I know the struggles for myself, family, friends and community; we know the pains that we have to go through and having to keep a straight face in the midst of adversity.

Trying to make sense of any tragedy can drain every ounce of energy you possess – that is why I try to do something positive and meaningful to save lives.

This knife and gun crime are real, too many lives have been wasted senselessly, too many families are broken and in mourning.

Vain is the help of mankind, in-spite of our best efforts – Only God is our Hope.

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