Distance in love

It is reported in the media that the crime rate has decreased immensely. Whilst we welcome the good news, Covid-19 has taken the place of violent crimes. This pandemic is causing trauma -‘big time’ among young people and families. We are all struggling very hard to live through this virus.

This pandemic is no easy pushover. Visits, physical contact to families and friends are forbidden. Other circumstances before this pandemic, we could physically support each other by embracing, hugs, visits. With Covid-19 there is no such thing. The hardest I believe is – to know your love ones are on their own in distress; families going through the anguish that their love ones are isolated from them and their friends love and care.

This kind of trauma is unprecedented, it robs every human freedom and kindness, we can’t even see this thing. It has been robbing us in a vicious way, in a speed we cannot explain, it comes with a vengeance to take all it can get and in so doing disrupts and take the lives of so many people globally.

Let me encourage you that whatever this virus throws at you and I … Regardless of the pain and hurt we’re feeling right now … there is light at the end of this tunnel. God is still in control.

Stay strong in mind, body and soul- Peace be your portion in this season!

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