Do Good – In This Turbulent Time (Part 1)

Dearly Beloved, people on a whole have been experiencing some trying times…. Many people have recently lost loved ones; for some, their loved ones are in critical condition in hospital or in nursing homes.

Many from the working population are without jobs and health failings on the rise. There are so many different kinds of issues to deal with including the current situation, the viral pandemic that is new to all of us.

The worst enemy of our times – Covid-19, has ravished the world in numerous ways. Trying to deal with it has not been easy for anyone – so much so, that families are more affected from every angle.

Some families are not accustomed to staying together in their homes for long period of times. Hence there is rise in domestic violence in many homes and there are other crimes that are also being commited. In addition, there are fraudsters who prey on vulnerable people like the elderly, the poor and children.

Life has a way of bringing back things to our minds. Therefore, one has to be careful of what we say or do to others.

It has been said that life is a cycle. So, the good or bad that we do mete out to others will find its way right back to us.

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