New Uncertainties – a poem by Gabriella Harris

During times of uncertainty when things seem often drear,
Times like these cause thinking and evoke deep feelings and emotions;
Ones of fear, rage, stress and anxiety.
Despite being told not to worry for the morrow
To simply stop worrying is no easy feat.

During times of uncertainty it causes you to think
Of the times you were secure in God and ungrateful.
The times when days were normal and toilet paper was consistently on the shelves;
Those times when we had a rigid schedule that we lived through
Travelled next to people without the fear that their next cough or sneeze could mean your death.

Now in groups of ten and five and two like in Noah’s ark we enter the queue,
Being alone is something we’ve become accustomed to.

During times of uncertainty we are forced to reflect on what’s around us
The news, the uproar, the political unrest
And if we’ll be able to enter the church doors again.
Is it too late we ask, is Jesus coming soon?

God says just like the sparrows he watches over you
So it begs the question what does uncertainty mean for you?

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