I Remember – a poem by Anika C

I remember the big, red bus taking a u-turn
A small room full of students eager to learn
The teachers who taught us things every day
The line during lunch and the field with students wanting to play
The library filled with people reading to their heart’s content
And when the last hour of school was finally spent

I remember hanging out with my best friends after school
Walking down the streets just trying to look cool
The fun we had just talking with each other
The memories we made with one another
The smiles on our faces when someone made a joke
While sitting in the shade of a great big oak

All that changed when Corona came
I’m now sitting at home playing a board game
I have nothing to do in my small home
I could relieve my boredom with just a comb
But I’m on my bed while the clock ticks away
Just having nothing to do all day

I wish that this would all end eventually
So that I could be in anyone’s company
Or I can do a very easy task
Without wearing a protective mask
No one knows how long we’re going to live like this
And when we’re going to see everyone we truly miss

By Anika C
(Southfields Academy)

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