Life During Covid-19 Lockdown by Callum Y7

The main thing that has changed for me during the lockdown period is that I’m staying at my dad’s house. I’ve been here since the end of week two, Easter Sunday to be specific, which has been nice. I can now relax knowing that my brother and sister are not using all my things and spending all my V Bucks on my Playstation.

Working at home instead of at school was ok at first, but has now become a little bit
annoying at the same time; it’s easier for me to get distracted at home and this time has
made me realise how much I enjoy learning at school. I prefer being at school a lot more than home learning.

Just before the start of lockdown I sprained my ankle; after tripping and landing on it, which was pretty uncomfortable. I can’t get an appointment to see my GP face to face just yet, and I don’t really want to go to the hospital unless it’s an emergency, so I’m using an ankle support strap and taking it easy until I can see the doctor. My sleeping pattern has changed slightly; I always used to wake up really early. It almost feels like I’m on holiday but it’s not, it’s different, everyday feels the same. I hope the lockdown ends soon.

During my free time I’ve been keeping up to date with the latest news and focusing on things to take my mind off everything that’s going on: making Youtube videos for my Fortnite channel ‘Storm Rain’ and other games I play on my console like GTA V. I currently have 2,773 views in total and 71 subscribers. My aim is to be at 100 subscribers by the end of July and my strategy to achieve this will be; to consistently upload at least 3 videos per week, in order to gain momentum and build awareness. I then hope to start looking at working with affiliates and sponsors.

To make my videos, I use two programs (at the moment) called ‘Share Factory’ and
‘Panzoid’ which allow me to edit my game play clips and add any songs that I’ve found to go with the video. I then upload the clips to my Youtube channel and interact with my subscribers by doing live streams and PVP’s (Player Vs Player) where I play other channel owners. I enjoy making my own content as it enables me to be creative and helps me to work on my problem solving skills whilst learning how to stay vigilant online, which I have also been learning about in PHSE and Computer Science. My new skills in video making may even be able to generate some extra money for myself, as some of my friends have already offered to pay me to help them create content.

The COVID-19 lockdown isn’t the worst it could be for me as I have everything that I need; but it has made me miss the way things were, before social distancing. It’s like everything has stopped?! It’s a bit too quiet for me.

By Callum Y7

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