The Ticking Clock – Fateeha

Published in The Pilgrim, Issue 6, Autumn 2020.

You can hear the clock ticking. And parents on the phone. And the sound
of the TV. And the tapping on the keyboards. And the white noise of the
vacuum. The once silent during the day house has now become busy-
people in each room, trying to concentrate and get their work done. It’s
But what you can’t hear anymore is the sound of cars passing by, the
doorbell ringing, people walking by. The only outside noise is the
occasional clapping, indicating that staying home has become
something to be rewarded. It’s quiet.
All the hustle from outside has been brought inside our homes. During
the day it used to be silent- no one home, everyone busy at work and
school. Now the daytime is the loudest time of day- everyone trying to
find a place where they can concentrate for at least an hour. It’s weird.
Days have flown by; a month has already passed. The routine has
become ordinary. Each day continuing to work, while hoping for the
pandemic to conclude. It’s normal.

Fateeha Sroya

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