Storm – Shania Gouldbourne

Published in The Pilgrim, Issue 6, Autumn 2020. As we live our lives, we are aware of life,But, unlike us, a storm knows neither of what it is creating or destroying,Just like this pandemic, it knows of nothing. The world that we live in,The environmental problems,The extreme weather, pollution and natural disasters,These things come asContinue reading “Storm – Shania Gouldbourne”

Stuck Indoors for Lockdown – Indiana Latifah Dinham

Published in The Pilgrim, Issue 6, Autumn 2020. Stuck indoors on Monday,Work set by my school.Breakfast, lunch, dinner, sleep,No wait, I can’t sleep at all. Stuck indoors on Tuesday,Work to be handed in.Breakfast, lunch, dinner, sleep,A cycle seems to begin. Stuck indoors on Wednesday,I’ve only slept for two hours.Breakfast, lunch, dinner, sleep,The control of thisContinue reading “Stuck Indoors for Lockdown – Indiana Latifah Dinham”

The Ocean’s Demise – Ilham Mohamed

Published in The Pilgrim, Issue 6, Autumn 2020. The second-hand smoke engulfed her.They had created such a large mess,Emptying their pockets in her deep blue flesh.She gave them her everything,Only to receive much less.Yet they thanked her with the gift of their selfishness.As her whole world turned sour,She felt empty inside.They would all feel sorrow,AsContinue reading “The Ocean’s Demise – Ilham Mohamed”

The Ticking Clock – Fateeha Sroya

Published in The Pilgrim, Issue 6, Autumn 2020. You can hear the clock ticking. And parents on the phone. And the soundof the TV. And the tapping on the keyboards. And the white noise of thevacuum. The once silent during the day house has now become busy-people in each room, trying to concentrate and getContinue reading “The Ticking Clock – Fateeha Sroya”