COVID-19 and NEW Online Practices for the Nicholas Stewart Project

Further to the latest UK government guidelines in regards to COVID-19 we believed it is the right thing to put necessary measures in place for the safety of our volunteers.

Coronavirus is putting unexpected pressure all over the globe, nation wide and on local communities. In times like these circumstances, there is much need for support and empowerment. The Nicholas Stewart Project organisation is dedicated to making sure we continue to support young people and families as much as possible.

To keep us engaged our services will be remotely, for all future correspondences. While this is not better than face to face contact.; we want to convince you that the NSP will DO OUR BEST to operate as best as we can remotely.

Our staying in touch will mean, we will be using Whatsapp, telephone and email. Reaching out to our community for such a time as this is paramount. The strength of us all in this human crisis, is very important, getting us through this season. Our aim is to thrive to help others during this challenging times.

We would like to encourage you not to be fearful, don’t be anxious over anything. Trust God in all of this. Do not allow this situation to control your minds.

Let us work together..remember your neighbour, somebody who may need your help, take care of yourselves and most important – pray to God to help us through this.