Our Story

A passionate and kind son

“In loving memory of my Son Nicholas Stewart who was tragically killed on the Henry Prince Estate on the 13 August 2014. He was doing the best thing he knew how – football, this was his passion.”

Nicholas or Nick, Radar as he was affectionately called by close family and friends, loved football from an early age.

That fateful evening, he had just left the house an hour before and was a two minute walk from our home. He was tragically killed in front of children, young adults and adults, by a man who was said to have been mentally ill. Nicholas was 25 years old.

He was very much loved by family, friends and members of the community and beyond. In his passing there were testimonies of his willingness to help others, especially children and mothers. The shopkeepers and people I met on the street would say to me that my son was kind hearted and polite, with good manners and never held a grudge against others. He always wore that smile regardless – Nicholas also had his share of struggles in life.

A few months before his passing he got a job as a sales representative with ACN Communications and weeks before this, he took on a painting and decorating Apprenticeship. He was always trying to do positive things, amidst his struggles in society.

Jennifer Beckford – loving mother, founder, and believer in the power of community

For as long as she can remember, Jennifer has been passionate about helping the others. Throughout her adult life Jennifer continues to give her time in the service of others, even when, on occasions, it seems impossible!

Jennifer says: “I feel compelled to do at least one voluntary task each week”.

Since the tragic passing of Jennifer’s son Nicholas, although difficult in terms of physical strength, Jennifer continues to dedicate herself to supporting the community and helping others.

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