Coming Soon – What’s Bothering You?

A helpline resource. Help us Stop – The Senseless Killing of Young People

“The Nicholas Stewart Project is looking to set up a helpline, called What’s Bothering You? We need to know what is troubling our young people and how we can help them. We want to give them outlets; somewhere they can turn to when their backs are against the wall.”

Jennifer Beckford

The Nicholas Stewart Project (NSP) needs to raise funds to set up and service the What’s Bothering You? helpline.

The NSP currently facilitates writing competitions with schools in Earlsfield. This was born out of the fact that Jennifer herself found writing therapeutic as a way to cope with her grief. She wants to encourage young people to participate in the practice of writing as a tool, in which they can express themselves, their thoughts on paper. This will help them with the healing process in relation to loneliness, loss, grief, emotional and so on…

Jennifer Beckford is the author of The Trumpet Sounds…Calls to Restoration and Pearly Notes of Wisdom: My Unique Notebook.