Young People’s Voice

Children’s & Young People’s Expression

The Nicholas Stewart Project NSP gives young people a voice to express themselves through their writings and art, it could be an essay, poetry, photography or writing a song.

Young people are precious to us, we understand that they go through different challenges and experiences that are not often shared, it could be because of their fear to be judged, not trusting or not being sure how to explain themselves verbally. The NSP also realise that isolation is challenging, especially for the young ones during this COVID -19 pandemic as they are not able to have physical contact with their friends and other families.

The NSP runs writing competitions with local schools in Earlsfield as Jennifer herself found writing therapeutic and a way to cope with her grief and so she wants to encourage writing among young people.

Empowering Young People
Through this charity, the NSP wants to help create an environment that is safe for young people, so they do not have to live in fear or become victims of violent crime. Help and support them to be good role models in society. The NSP believes in and encourages young people so they can build on the good that is in them.

Nicholas Stewart Writing Project

The NSP wants to encourage writing among young people. This Writing Expression encourages children and young people to express the things that they worry about verbally and in writing. In addition, writing competitions run by the NSP help children and young people to improve their writing skills- to Rethink.
The young people expressions in writing have been so positive we hope to continue for the future to give
them their voice to express their thoughts and skills.

Lockdown writing competition

We are happy to announce the winners of the Nicholas Stewart Writing Project competition which concerned the experiences of students at Southfields Academy during the lockdown. The articles were published in The Pilgrim magazine (Issue 6, Autumn 2020).

Thanks to all who participated and to the winners with their brilliant writing: Youcef , Fateeha, Ilham , Indiana, Shania .